A description of Prevention in Hand e-learning modules

The Prevention in Hand (PiH) website provides various e-learning modules, with interactive content related to the prevention of chronic diseases. This e-learning tool offers CFPC members a simple and effective way to learn about many important health issues and up to date clinical guidelines related to various chronic conditions. The modules present videos on various health topics, and include pre- and post-test questions in both English and French. We encourage you to log in to the site with your existing CFPC member username and password to earn CPD Mainpro+ credits!

For CFPC members: When you complete a module, you may go to the CFPC dashboard where you can log in to your account and claim non-certified credits for your work.  


Module 1: 

Canadian Breast Cancer Screening

A video from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care


Module 2: 

Choosing Wisely and Prevention Primary Care

A video from Evans Health Lab


Module 3: 


Sodium, Lifestyle and Hypertension

PEARLS ELearning Module – LAVANI, Sodium, Lifestyle and Hypertension


Module 4: 


Communication Tips for Family Members of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease

A video produced by Dr. Susan Lane



No, anyone can access the PiH e-learning modules. CFPC members may claim non-certified credits for completing modules. The public, patients, and other health care professionals are invited to complete modules in order to learn more about the topic in question.
Further questions or comments about the modules can be sent to contact@preventioninhand.com. We will acknowledge receipt of your query within two to three business days. Depending on the depth of your question, a substantial response (i.e., vetted by our Content Committee) could take up to 15 business days. Please be advised, we are unable to respond to questions related to personal health.
When you complete a module, you may go to the CFPC dashboard where you can log in to your account and claim uncertified credits for your work.
No, all modules are available for free.